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Advertising Your Property Listing

Vacation, live and retire in Mexico! A second home, a time share or a vacation ownership... you'll find the perfect match for what you're looking for among our private listings by owner, by realtor, by broker and in some cases, by corporations.

MexicoLive operates a network of websites pertaining to the top tourist and destination cities in Mexico. Couple our network with top internet ranking and tens of thousands of visitors per month providing property owners the best advertising vehicle the internet has to offer. Reaching a worldwide audience of travelers before they ever leave home, the cost of advertising translates to pennies per day!

Property owners and advertisers will find our database user-friendly with a private login for each listing. Enter your property information, photos and personal descriptions and comments with ease and return as often as needed to edit your content or photographs. There are no set-up fees and no limit to logins. Property owners will be responsible for pricing of their property, supply all necessary contact information and rental payments. We encourage our members to visit their listing homepage frequently to manage all contact information for accuracy. MexicoLIVE provides a free availability calendar for its members' listings.


Members have the ability to pay via American Express, VISA, Mastercard or Discover through our secure website (SSL). Within 24 hours of your payment, you will be emailed login information to get your listing(s) up.

Listing Position

Properties are listed by seniority.


  • Digital photographs only
  • All photos must be supplied within the dimensions provided in the database.
  • Date stamp photos will not be accepted.
  • Quality and clarity will peak interest in your property

Login assistance

Email: for password or login information.
Please use the email registered in your profile.

Loading assistance

Supply our technical staff with all information and photos via email regarding your property.
Fee: $50.00USD

Advertising Pricing

One property listing, dedicated homepage, up to 10 photographs: $257.00/year.
Four property listings, dedicated homepage, up to 10 photographs: 15% package discount.
Eight property listings, dedicated homepage, up to 10 photographs: 25% package discount.

MexicoLIVE will read all submissions and examine photographs before publishing on the internet.
MexicoLIVE reserves the right to remove any offense content or photograph submitted with the right to remove sub-par photographs. The property owner will be contacted promptly in such an occurrence.