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Vacation Rental In Mexico

Directory of private vacation rental properties throughout  Mexico.

You plan a wonderful vacation and the only dark spot on an otherwise fantastic trip is a hotel that either did not live up to its advertising or cost so much that you had to curtail some of your exploration or shopping plans. There's a simple solution!  By renting vacation homes or condos from private owners, you will save both money and find the kind of luxury and comfort you would pay five times the price for in a hotel or resort. Best of all, vacation rentals by owner are available!  When every hotel room in a popular destination is booked solid, experienced travelers know that there are almost always private rentals ranging from apartments and condos to beach villas and private homes open for rental by owner. 

In Mexico, private rentals are a big market, especially in the popular beach destinations like Cancun, Cozumel, Acapulco and along the coastal pristine shores of the Baja Peninsula.  You'll get the most for your dollar by finding your vacation lodging right here on Mexico Live, where you'll see photos of the homes available, read detailed descriptions of the properties and get a chance to contact the owners and ask them specific questions about your choice of vacation spots.

 Another great aspect about renting from a private owner is the knowledge about the area.  If you're the kind of traveler who likes to go where the locals go and avoid the tourist traps, what better guide could there be than someone who lives where you'll be staying? Find out about that little restaurant that serves the best cabritos or chiles rellenos.  Discover that out-of-the-way tavern that has tequilas you won't find anywhere else. Perhaps find the local market where you will discover the best artisans featuring their local crafts, antiques and other goodies!

Interested in taking some side trips while you're in Mexico?  Private rentals are the way to go!  Through Mexico Live, you can plan your entire trip.  Either pick one central location as your "home base" from which to explore, or put together a series of short stays that will ensure the one thing you'll never have to worry about along the way is where you'll be spending the night.  In the course of one vacation, you can go from the excitement and prestige of a beachfront vacation villa to the luxury and quiet of a mountain retreat by a waterfall.

Perhaps the best thing about private vacation rentals is that feeling of "home" you just can't get in a hotel.  If you're a budding chef who wants to try your hand at using local ingredients to whip up dishes you love at home, most of our properties offer fully equipped kitchens, right down to the pots and pans you'll need to cook the food and the plates and silverware to put it on the table.  Imagine making some of your favorite Mexican recipes using ingredients bought fresh, rather than trucked across the border! Before the Internet era, private vacation rentals meant having to find a broker or Realtor in the area you wanted to visit who could match you up (for a fee, of course) with the property owners looking to rent to you at your destination.  However, through Mexico Live, you can get directly in touch with the property owners, saving money and time in the process!   That kind of direct contact improves the entire experience. You'll find the owners to be far more responsive to questions and suggestions and much more able and willing to cater to special requests or needs. If you have special mobility requirements, such as wheelchairs or power chairs, be sure and check out our properties!  Those that are fitted out for handicapped access will tell you they are, and you'll be able to rest easy knowing that you won't have barriers to your mobility to battle when you reach your destination.

But the best way to learn how wonderful private vacation rentals by owner can be is to try them for yourself.  Once you have experienced the ease, luxury and convenience of renting your vacation home directly from the owner, you will never want to vacation any other way!  Browse all our properties here and find the location, size and amenities just right for you.

Our directory of private vacation rental throughout Mexico will begin posting properties in April 2008.
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