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Time Share - Real Estate In Mexico

If the thought of buying property, be it a time share or property, in a foreign country gives you nightmare visions of legal swamps, strange laws and hostile locals, Mexico will be the tonic for those terrors! Whether your interest is in owning outright, time share or vacation ownership, there is something for everyone available in the Mexican market and plenty of assistance to get you to your goal.

Time Share Information
Timeshares are a bit different from vacation ownership in that they operate more as a rental and may not give you the same trading rights, etc. However, they are also usually more affordable. If you find that one property that's your dream destination, a timeshare might well be your best choice!

Vacation Ownership
Vacation ownership, a form of time share, is hugely popular in Mexico. It's ideal for those who want to own a vacation getaway but don't want to invest a lot of time or money in the process. You purchase the right to use an existing resort property for a period of years. What you do with that time is up to you.

One great option here is that you can often trade time in your vacation home for cruise vacations or vacations at other locations. Use your time in your getaway like currency to buy you getaways at many exotic locations!

Real Estate

Owning property outright in Mexico contains a few wrinkles that can be smoothed out easily by employing a good real estate agent. For instance, if you wish to buy close to a national border or beach, a trust must be set up to hold the property rather than you having the deed in hand. This is not difficult, and thousands of foreigners own property in Mexico via a "fideicomiso," or land trust. In other areas, such as around Mexico City and Guadalajara, owning with an outright title is simple.

If you do use a trust, you still have the right to use, rent, improve or otherwise handle the property as you see fit. You can also will it to your heirs or sell it. Think of the trust as your "silent partner!"

Your real estate agent will be able to set you up with notaries, banks and all the other agencies with which you'll need to deal deal with and make the transaction as smooth as silk.

The permutations and variations on vacation ownership deals are vast, and far too varied to list here. Suffice it to say that whatever your financial situation and vacation desires, you'll find something to fit!