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Title Sponsorship Opportunity

Align your brand with this unique affinity marketing opportunity.

Our network of tourism related web sites will deliver
(Over 6 Million Unique Visitors)

Reach out to a friendly audience!
Your logo and link could be seen
over 40 million times a year as our title sponsor.

(We offer several different levels of participation).

mexicoLIVE is in the process of creating the Internet's largest interactive network of web sites devoted entirely to Mexican tourism.  We now have high traffic sites in place for Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Oaxaca, San Jose del Cabo and Monterrey.  Our expansion plans include at least three, and possibly more, additional sites. We  have also translated eight of our sites into Spanish.  Each one of our sites has been designed with a very special purpose in mind - providing our visitors with useful, up to date,  information in an environment that is extremely user friendly. 

Our intention is to keep our present sites and all of our future sites seemingly commercial free.  It is for that reason we are now prepared to offer an alliance with a major sponsor. This alliance, which includes all present and future sites, will allow us to expand and promote the network and provide maximum exposure for one title sponsor, without an abundance of multiple client advertising within our sites.  This will keep the focus on one company's products, and provide maximum exposure for our sponsor.

Our visitors all have Mexico on their minds; they are in the mood for Mexico!

98% of these visitors are from the U.S. or Canada
99% of our visitors are planning a trip to Mexico

The benefits we offer a sponsor are rather obvious.  The visitors to our "All About" web sites are frequent travelers (with incredible demographics) who are looking for specific information to use for their vacation or business travel.  This creates a very friendly and highly targeted user base.  A friendly visitor is much more likely to absorb and retain the sponsors branding message, visit a sponsor's web site and to use the sponsors products or service.  Messages from our sponsor are not being forced on our visitors, as is the case with most media advertising. Our visitors are using one of our sites by their own choice and they are engaging in an activity that has them in a good mood. They are planning their vacation.

We have prepared a comprehensive, cost effective, sponsorship package with a variety of embedded benefits that are extremely advantageous to a potential sponsor.  Increased brand awareness, to a highly targeted audience, increased sales and increased  traffic to a sponsor's web site are just a few of the obvious benefits designed into the package.  There are many extra benefits that are built into our package. This alliance would allow us to maintain the quality of our sites, increase traffic to our sponsors site, as well as ours and to make additions and increase promotional efforts for our current, as well as our future sites. The final goal is to attract new visitors and  keep current visitor interest at a very high level.

If your company is interested in the numerous benefits available through a mutually advantageous alliance and would like to receive a complete presentation, please contact us via telephone or use E-mail link below.

Our new portal site was launched in late 2004:

Future expansion includes, but is not limited to the following web sites:

All of our sites are now being translated into Spanish.
The following sites are now on-line at:

To request a sponsorship proposal please use the E-mail link below.

Please include basic information about your company or project.

Or contact us directly:

Mexico LIVE
Owned and operated by Iguana Interests, LLC
7320 Ashcroft Drive, Suite #106
Houston, Texas 77081

Toll Free
(888) 669-1635 (USA)

Inside Mexico:
(1)713.344.1059 (long distance charges apply)