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If your company is promoting a special event and you would like that event to be available around the world on the Internet, contact us, we can broadcast your event for you, LIVE, on the Internet!

mexicoLIVE is experienced in providing clients with Internet promotions that can provide instant recognition to almost any tourist related business.  We can show your company how to attract visitors to an existing web site. We can also show you how to get the majority of these people, your prospective clients, to leave all of the information needed for contact and follow up.  

We also have specialty programs designed to get clients to walk into your place of business. 

The Internet is the media of the future.  If you are not using the Internet to it's full potential, you need to consider changing your strategy.

 We bring the future to you.
Innovative solutions for forward thinking organizations.
Get your event to the Internet, LIVE.
This Marlin Tournament was Broadcast LIVE from
Cabo San Lucas. This image was on the Internet
5 minutes after the marlin was brought to the scales.

Mexico LIVE
Owned and operated by Iguana Interests, LLC
7320 Ashcroft Drive, Suite #106
Houston, Texas 77081

Toll Free
(888) 669-1635 (USA)

Inside Mexico:
5255 852 59002 (local charges apply)
(1)713.344.1059 (long distance charges apply)